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Moroccan Room

Room #8: Moroccan Room


The Moroccan Room (Room #8) is positioned on a private deck just off the kitchen from the main house it is on the first floor, but it will require steps to get to it. This room has natural light, a generally quiter pastoral setting, and features a full-sized bed and a cushioned wicker chair, centrally-controlled air conditioning, and a ceiling fan, along with digital television, wireless internet and a refrigerator. The Moroccan Room has a small private ensuite bath along with a private outdoor table and chair. The Moroccan Room is one of the more popular rooms, with a fun and colorful Mediterranean flair! Pet friendly, and if you have a hard time with steps, please let us know in the comments so we can give you the proper check in instructions – one is through the house, one is through a private entrance where you will need to duck under the deck. 

Nightly rates range from $79 (winter) to $150 (summer). Other rates may apply during special events and across certain weekends.